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    Product name: Palladium-carbon
    Physicochemical parameters : Palladium: 1~10%
    Total Impurities: < 0.3%
    The main reaction yield: 90~99%
    BET Specific surface area: ≥930m2/g
    Average size: 28~34μm
    Metal surface area: 48~65m2/g
    Particle strength: ≥85%
    Form number: > 30 times
    Application range: Used for the production of pharmaceutical intermediates such as aniline and succinic acid, including:
    1. Alkynes hydrogenation generation paraffin 2. Aromatic aldehyde hydrogenation generation alcohol 3. Aromatic ketone hydrogenation carbonyl off 4. Aromatic ketone hydrogenation generation alcohol 5. Aromatic ketone reduction generating hydrocarbon 6. Aromatic nitrile reduction generation amine 7. Chlorinated aromatics dehalogenation 8. Aromatic nitro compounds into amine 9. Reduction pyridine generation piperidine Reduction furan
    Packing: Carton (lined with PE bag): 1, 2, 5kg/bag
    metal pail (lined with PE bag): 10, 50kg/drum or following your demands
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